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Camp Homewood depends on the generous gifts of thoughtful donors to fulfill its mission. Please partner with us in the exciting work Homewood is doing with children and families.

The Pacific Coast Children’s Mission (PCCM) has been a registered B.C. charity since 1944. PCCM owns and operates Camp Homewood. Cheques can be made out to either “Camp Homewood” or to “PCCM”.

Homewood will issue receipts for tax purposes for donations of $20 and more.

Receipts for all donations made using CanadaHelps must be printed by the donor. Homewood doesn’t issue those receipts.

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Special Projects

Homewood takes on Special Projects so it can continue to serve this generation and the next.
Your gift will provide the tools and materials needed to get the job done by staff and volunteers.

New Canvas Platform Tents

Unfortunately, our platforms are rotting, and our tents are breaking down from sun rot or mildew. All fifteen of our platforms will eventually need replacing. During the 2019 spring season we have replaced five tents at our Harbour location and two are in the process of being replaced at our Woodsman location. This is a great project for volunteers! If you can help remove the existing platforms or build the new ones, please contact camp at 250-285-3483. Read More

School Bus Replacement

Camp currently owns a fleet of 4 retired school buses. One will no longer pass its safety inspection, and the two 72 passenger propane buses are over 25 years old (well past their ‘best before’ date!). Breakdowns are becoming too common. We require two safe, reliable buses to move campers. Thank you all for the generous donations! With your help we were able to purchase a retiring school bus from an Abbotsford school district. Read More

Staff House 2 Replacement

Last year we renovated the first of the two houses with great results. The plan was to do the same to the second house this fall and winter. Unfortunately, the further we got into the project, the clearer it became that the multiple deficiencies added up to one conclusion: the house needs to be torn down and replaced! Read More