Kids 2 Camp - Gran FONDO

Gran FONDO Fundraiser Saturday, June 1st, 2024!

You're invited to partner with friends of camp who are raising funds for our Camper Sponsorship Fund to help send Kids 2 Camp!

Friends of Homewood are planning to ride the 280 kilometer route from Victoria, BC to Camp Homewood on Quadra Island in one day. (Yes! ONE DAY!).  Last year, thanks to the generosity of people like you, we exceeded our goal of raising $30,000!  This meant that 56 children were able to attend camp in 2023 who otherwise wouldn't have been able to.  That's amazing!

This year's fundraising ride has a dual purpose: to raise funds to help underprivileged kids experience a life-changing week at Camp Homewood and to provide bursary funds to assist some of our volunteer leaders to pay for tuition this fall.  We all know that providing an exceptional camp experience for children depends on attracting a hard working, caring group of volunteers!

What Is A GRAN FONDO?  "Gran Fondo" may not be a term most people are familiar with. "Gran Fondo" is roughly translated from Italian into English as “big ride”. There’s some cycling tradition behind its use. World-class cycling enthusiasts may be more particular about what qualifies as Gran Fondo distance (at least 120 km) , however, elsewhere folks are less precise. Regardless, the 280 km ride from Victoria, BC to Quadra Island. BC would meet anybody's distance requirement for a big ride!

Ways To Get involved:

1) Join our Kids 2 Camp fundraiser by donating online to one of the team members from "Team Goforth" through Canada Helps.

2) Follow our Kids 2 Camp Instagram account for updates closer to the big ride and share our posts to let people know about it!


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Have Questions?

Please email the office at if you still have questions, or would like to learn more,  and we will do our best to support you!


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