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Camp provides unlimited opportunities to serve God. There are as many ways to serve as there are people. Do you love being in the middle of the action? Become a Tent Leader or Program Director. Are you more comfortable in a support role? How about helping with office administration, video editing, or maintenance? Do you enjoy cooking? Join the kitchen staff or cook for Sailing Camp or Woodsman. Do you love horses or the wilderness? Homewood needs wranglers and outdoors enthusiasts. As part of the Homewood crew, you will be presented with opportunities each day to grow in your faith, develop your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses. Spring Crew begins May 1st. Join 14 others to lead the Outdoor Education Program for school groups in May and June.

Summer Team begins on June 27 with Staff Training. Be part of our one week training camp, and then get set for an amazing adventure with 70 others. Chances are you'll make friends for life! The summer camping season begins on July 5 and ends on September 3.

NEW! Join before January 31, 2020, serve for a minimum 6 weeks and get an EXTRA $250 this summer!

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Summer Positions

Tent Leader

Tent Leaders help our campers have the best week of their lives! This is demanding but also extremely rewarding.


Learn new skills and cooking techniques while you create mouthwatering meals! Help at Woodsman, Sailing, or Harbour camps.


Spend your days teaching campers to ride. Muck out the stalls. Feed the herd. Fall in love with horses.


Camp Director? Life Guard? Video and Photography? Work Crew Boss? LIT Leader? We have 25 positions to fill.


Fix. Mow. Chop. Stack. Build. You've got skills and energy, and you love to make things happen behind the scenes.

Staff Training: Join us for eight action-packed days as we prepare you to care for Homewood campers. Learn how to do and teach activities (crafts, archery, canoeing, riflery, and more), lead devotions and firesides, and organize games and events. Familiarize yourself with Homewood's property and facilities. Learn about camp standards, policies, and procedures. Wash dishes, worship, pray, and get to know the other summer staff.

Training Camp will allow you to develop meaningful relationships and to gain a deeper understanding of your call to follow Jesus and to love others. Expressing Christ's unconditional love to campers and experiencing that same love in the Homewood community will be a life-changing experience. Be prepared for two months of intense ministry! This is an adventure you don't want to miss. Fill out your application today.

All Summer Team members are required to attend Staff Training.
Exceptions will be made for school exams, graduation, etc. Please make your request early.

Students attending a post-secondary institution in September who serve for a minimum of seven weeks may qualify for a $1,500 Summer Staff Bursary. For more information or to apply, click Summer Staff Bursary.


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The Pacific Coast Children's Mission was founded in 1944 and Camp Homewood began in 1948. We think camp is a very special place!
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