The Homestead Renovation

The Homestead dates back to 1949 and was the first Camp Homewood building to be built at the main Harbour camp. In other words, it’s OLD! Over the years several additions and improvements have been made to the Homestead and it is an important asset for housing summer staff. Click on the link below to learn more about two major Homestead improvement initiatives – one of which has already been completed!

Kitchen Expansion

God is moving, and we would like to invite you to be part of what He is doing at Camp Homewood. We are excited about the future of Camp Homewood, and we are working hard to increase our capacity to reach more children, youth, and families with the gospel. From 2015 to 2019 our summer registrations increased by 20% and off-season usage increased by 15%, but the need to increase the size of our kitchen goes back much longer. The current facility was built in 1979, and although it was a blessing 42 years ago, it is now grossly undersized, poorly equipped, and both staff and the facility are stretched to the limit. It is amazing to experience how God is making it possible for us to seize the opportunity presented by the pandemic to undertake this invasive project while camp is operating far below capacity.

Dining Hall Floor Refinishing

The “new” dining room was built in 2004 and the hardwood floor was showing the results of almost two decades of heavy use. The pandemic pause provided the perfect opportunity to completely clear out the dining room, sand the floor smooth again and refinish it. Thanks to Ken and Deb Beselt, who supplied days of elbow grease to prep and refinish the floor, which looks stunning after this much needed renewal!

Platform Tents & Mattress Replacement

Tents have played a central role in our programs since 1948. Every summer up to 120 campers call a tent their home for a week at Harbour or Woodsman. Sleeping ‘outside’ in a tent allows children to hear the birds and experience the wind or rain in a new way. Canvas helps foster a closer connection with God’s creation. Unfortunately, our platforms are rotting, and our tents are breaking down from sun, rot or mildew and all need replacing.
On top of that, our mattresses have been heavily used for decades. They were thin to begin with, but they have broken down and no longer provide much in the way of comfort. They don’t just look worn and ragged – they are! And those are our good ones… the Woodsman mattresses are truest horrible! Click on the link below for an update on renewing Camp’s camping infrastructure.