Camp Homewood Sailing Camps: What to Expect, Activities, Safety, and More!


Signing up for a weeklong ocean adventure with an unknown crew and equipment is a big decision, both  for campers and for parents. We hope that the following information will answer many of the questions  that are frequently asked about what to expect. 

Camp has a fleet of four Catalina 27 sailboats. In terms of sailing, our overarching goal is to introduce  youth to sailing in a safe, positive, fun way. Campers learn by doing. They learn how to run the boat and  they rotate on the helm throughout the day, under the skipper’s guidance. Campers do not receive  formal certification of any kind.

Upon arrival, campers are briefed on daily routines and safety issues while on land.  Participation, not proficiency, is expected. 

A brief introduction to sailing and Catalina 27s is also provided.

sailing camp safety:
  • Catalina 27 sailboats are 27 feet long and are self-righting. They have a 2,700 lb lead keel that  brings the boat back upright. 
  • Camp Homewood is registered as a Recreational Boating School with Transport Canada and each  boat is equipped with the required safety equipment. 
  • Skippers, at minimum, have their basic cruising certification, radio operator’s certification and  standard first aid ticket. 
  • There is a First Aid Attendant with advanced first aid certification. 
  • An ‘In-Reach’ emergency communication device and ship-based VHF radios and handheld VHF  radios are on each trip. 
  • Trip route plans take into account tidal currents, so the route plans are different for each camp.  Once underway, route plans may change based on weather or other factors. PFDs (personal floatation devices) are worn at all times when on or in the water. 

More Sailing Camp details coming soon! Stay Tuned!