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There are so many ways to serve at Homewood! Spring Crew participants get the opportunity to experience a vast aray of positions. They are in the middle of the action while hosting rental groups, teaching activities, as well as washing dishes and bathrooms. There is also the chance to work in more of a support role by helping with administrative work, groundskeeping and setting camp up for the summer! As part of the Homewood crew, you will be presented with opportunities each day to grow in your faith, develop your strengths, and overcome your weaknesses.

Our Spring Crew starts April 25 - June 29, 2022. Rental groups will run throughout. Chances are you'll make friends for life! Applications for Spring Crew open December 10, 2021.

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Excited at the thought of spending time serving at camp? Not available for Spring but still want to serve? Take a look at our Summer Team options by clicking the button below.

Summer Staff Opportunities

Spring Crew Position Opportunities

Activity Leader

Activity Leaders help our guests have the best week of their lives!


Learn new skills and cooking techniques while you create mouthwatering meals!


Spend your days teaching campers to ride. Muck out the stalls. Feed the herd. Fall in love with horses.


Fix. Mow. Chop. Stack. Build. You've got skills and energy, and you love to make things happen behind the scenes.


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The Pacific Coast Children's Mission was founded in 1944 and Camp Homewood began in 1948. We think camp is a very special place!
If you are interested in joining our Summer team, please click the link below to create a user account and apply!

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