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“Internship – The position of a trainee who works within an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for qualification.”

The Internships at Homewood are so much more than what is defined above. How many of us either graduated high school with no idea what the next step would be, or got stuck in post-secondary because we kept changing our focus, or those who then graduated university but went in a completely different direction?  Being an Intern gives young adults the opportunity to try different career paths, getting a feel for what they are really passionate about and a clear idea of where they’d like to go next.  How valuable would an Internship have been for us?  

The Homewood Interns quickly become immersed into our community as part of the family, they are vital to us running a strong year-round rental season, and they often grow into valued leaders to our Spring and Summer staff.  It is a high priority for us to support and invest into the Interns from year to year; to see them grow in Christ and hone skills that will help them in their everyday life as well as in the workforce.


“The Homewood Internship for me was such an amazing privilege and blessing. I got to serve God with my skills doing maintenance, as well as experiencing and building into community, learning lots about the bible, and seeing what it is like to just serve. With all the trips, the new friends I made, and the amount I grew as a Christian, I would encourage every young person to consider doing some sort of ministry internship and see how God could change your life!” Reign Scales, Maintenance Intern 2018

“I feel the internship was different for me than for most.  It was when I joined the Internship that I realized spiritually I had hit rock bottom.  I was challenged throughout my time at Homewood and within those challenges I started to find my way back to Jesus, restoring and strengthening the relationship I have with Him.  Throughout my intern year there was a lot of self discovery which gave me areas to work on within myself resulting in a stronger, healthier me.”Becca Bieri, Office Intern 2017

“The Homewood Internship was a challenging but rewarding experience. I came into it with minimal maintenance skills and was unsure about how much I had to offer, but through the 8 months I learned so much not only about maintenance but more importantly about myself. I gained so many practical skills working with Joel and grew spiritually and emotionally living in a community with other believers. The internship was a very impactful experience in my walk with God, and left me with life-long friends.” – Chris Hedlin, Maintenance Intern 2017

“I came into the internship hoping to grow in my relationship with God and build strong friendships in the process. However, it wasn’t as straightforward as I had planned. A couple things I realized during the program were that individually I had areas to work on as well as, my faith wasn’t where I wanted it to be and I had been frustrated with Him. I formed incredible relationships and with their support I grew stronger as a person and in my relationship with God. I finished the internship a very different person and in the process learned valuable leadership skills such as, communication, organization and even a bit of maintenance.” – Kyrianna Reimer, Program Intern 2018

“My year at Camp Homewood was filled with challenge, hard work, and relationships, with the occasional long pause for thoughts about the quiet beauty of God in my lie and the creation around me. I walked away at the end of the year with focus, a renewed drive, and a clear direction (not to mention experience in a new field that could get me jobs). More importantly though, I made life-long friendships and matured my relationship with God. I would recommend the internship to anyone that wants something new, something hard, and something worthwhile as they re-center.” – Amy Barnard, Kitchen Intern 2017