Our Herd

At Camp Homewood we are blessed to have space to house and maintain a herd of 12 horses! Keeping horses at Homewood has been an important part of our ministry for many generations, and is a key component of our typical summer season. Ranch camp is one of the many unique experiences that we offer at Homewood each summer. Campers learn to ride under our certified instructor and wranglers in our indoor and outdoor arenas as well as explore our network of trails through acres of forest. In the spring and fall we often offer riding lessons for local children on Quadra Island and as an activity for school or guest groups.

It takes a lot to care for and fund a herd this size! If you love horses and want to be a part of the Homewood herd from wherever you are, we invite you to consider sponsoring a horse! For each  horse sponsorship our Barn Manager will send you a photograph and personalized letter letting you know about the horse that your donation has gone to.

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Did you know??

  • We order over 30 tonnes of hay per year to feed our herd
  • Our herd has an annual vet visit for their vaccines and dental health
  • Every 8 weeks our horses see a farrier to have their hooves trimmed and shoes reset
  • Our herd receives a grain supplement daily to help provide vitamins and nutrients needed to keep them healthy and strong


Born: estimated 2000
Joined Homewood: 2014
Breed: Quarter Horse


Born: March 2011
Joined Homewood: November 2019
Breed: Appaloosa x Morgan


Born: 2008
Joined Homewood: March 2020
Breed: Quarter Horse


Born: May 2011
Joined Homewood: March 2019
Breed: Quarter Horse


Born: April 2009
Joined Homewood: June 2018
Breed: Thoroughbred


Born: May 2012
Joined Homewood: March 2019
Breed: Grade


Born: May 2004
Joined Homewood: May 2018
Breed: Quarter Horse


Born: 2011
Joined Homewood: January 2020
Breed: Grade


Born: 2011
Joined Homewood: July 2019
Breed: Miniature Horse


Born: April 2003
Joined Homewood: May 2017
Breed: Haflinger


Born: estimated 1993
Joined Homewood: Over 10 years ago!
Breed: Quarter Horse x Standardbred


Born: estimated 2000
Joined Homewood: May 2010
Breed: Norwegian Fjord


Born: May 2009
Joined Homewood: December 2016
Breed: Standardbred


Want to get involved?

Another way to join the herd is to volunteer time at the Homewood Barn! Volunteer weekly or come for a day to help feed and brush the horses, muck the barn, and more. Help is always appreciated!

Note: Due to Covid-19 the number of volunteers we can have on-site at a time is limited. If you are interested in volunteering at camp, please fill out our Volunteer Application Form by clicking the button below.